The Reaches

(The Nahan Series #2)

They have always been among us.

Take another step into the hidden culture of the Nahan.

Stell escaped the brutal cult of repentance of her childhood and discovered a complex network of Nahan throughout the world. But she has yet to discover why her mother, the distant and melancholy Malbette, chose a life of punishment for herself and her daughter. Does it have something to do with the father who is never mentioned, whose name she does not know? Is Stell’s gift of violence and hunger for blood an inheritance from him?

She takes off across the country, armed with only a photograph, looking for answers. Accompanied by another natural born killer like herself and a broken Storyteller, Stell follows the trail of a story throughout a century of American history. From the dirt farmers of the Midwest, through the glitzy Jazz Age in Boston, to the drug-addled art scene of the East Village in the 70s, to present day, she struggles to piece together her mother’s past and her father’s identity.

Stell has never been afraid of violence but this truth might be too dark, even for her.

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