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S.G. Redling’s latest novel in the Dani Britton Series

Nothing will ever be the same.

It’s been one year. One year since Dani Britton’s life was blown sky high by shadowy government forces. One year since being pursued by the relentless and unusual hitman, Tom Booker.

She thought she could rebuild her life on Redemption Key, with her equally scarred and traumatized best friend, Sinclair “Choo-Choo” Charbaneaux. But trouble found her there.

So did Tom Booker.

After barely surviving the mayhem of Redemption Key, Dani assumes she has seen everything. She has lost everything. But when the powerful Charbaneaux clan calls their son home for a funeral, she quickly learns just how much more she has to lose.

The countdown to trigger is on.

S. G. Redling

SG Redling is the author of more than a half dozen novels, including the best-selling thrillers, FLOWERTOWN and THE WIDOW FILE. A former morning radio host and avid traveler, Sheila is also a language geek, wine enthusiast, and a so-so gardener. She currently lives in her home state of West Virginia with a wide array of wildlife. 

Praise for S. G. Redling’s latest novel, Trigger

Rating: 5 out of 5.

S.G. Redling’s Dani Britton series took me by surprise when I read The Widow File. With this, the third installment, Redling has raised the stakes yet again. Redling has created characters to root for, both good and bad, and storylines that will haunt your dreams. I’ve read some terrific thrillers this year by “name” authors. This one deserves an ITW Thriller Award.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

I devoured this book. I love the Dani Britton series and the book did not disappoint. I was engaged throughout the ups and downs and was genuinely surprised several times in the book. SG Redling is an amazing writer that kept me wanting more. I was disappointed that I had read the book so quickly.

— Jenny